William H Howard (confusiontempst) wrote in canine_free,
William H Howard

What the fuck is wrong with urban dog owners?

I mean this piece of invective pretty seriously. I mean, I get cats. I can understand cat owners. You want something cute, fluffy, which gives you affection in exchange for occasional attention (which can be rendered, often, while engaging in other activities. Petting a cat is not serious business.) And if you forget to feed it for a few days, it'll steal food from your neighbours and come back once you start feeding it again.

Contrast to this, the common dog. If it wants attention it will slobber on you, nose into your things, and generally get in your fucking way to a far greater extent. This is, no doubt, in part due to size. (Small yappy dogs are a different category of hate altogether). They're utterly incapable of foraging for themselves in an urban environment.

A cat is a creature we can trust without leads. THere are leash laws for a reason. Dogs are big enough to hurt people, wild dogs are serious business to the point that they're pretty much unheard of in properly functioning cities, whereas wild cats are endemic and mostly benign, being as they hunt vermin.

But anyway, back to the original question.

What the fuck is wrong with dog owners that drives them to want to have a fucking drooling, crapping, completely dependant creature around? I mean, this isn't an actual baby, it's never going to grow to meaningfully contribute to a conversation or society in general.

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