William H Howard (confusiontempst) wrote in canine_free,
William H Howard

Look at the Dog appologists scramble

Man, rampant "But my dog would never do that" and "hipsters own small dogs and they're worse" over here as linked to in SF_Drama.

Can I just go on record as saying, my aunt's a vet, and she fully agrees with pit bulls being banned as a breed?  Oh, and I hate her little yappy dogs too, and they're relatively well trained ones.

See Appologist.
See Appologist produce faux science and lousy statistics.
You go appologist! Fake statistics made up from your own side of the debate and selective sourcing is totally going to win people over! Extra points for "(my pitbull is) simply a sweetheart. As are all of the pit bulls I've ever had the pleasure to run across."
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