William H Howard (confusiontempst) wrote in canine_free,
William H Howard

Bad_sex is:

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Locked! I'm not joining bad_sex. Can you post the text?
Title: stupid russians
bad sex is sex with a drunk russian...

pets in the bed....its even worse when the guy insists they stay, its even worse than that when youre so uncomfortable about it and the guys going down on you and you just want this fucking dog out of your bed and away from your crotch but the guy still insists that the dog stays...

and to top it off the sex was short, shit and unsatisfactory...

actually what really topped it off what when youre having a smoke afterwoulds and he says "shit i must find you really attractive, i never came that fast"

id like to think you found me attractive in the first place....
Ewww ewwww ewwww.That woman has no self respect if she asks him to get rid of the dog from the bed and he refuses yet she lets the sexual encounter continue. No self respect at all.
Ew. I've always been really creeped out when I hear about people who let their pets stay during sex. Forget about insisting they stay! I'd be out of there so fast.
I joined because at the time of reading, no one had posted it. This community is hilarious.

My cat used to come in when we were going at it. It wasn't super creepy, he was just curious about what the hell was going on. We kicked him out, though, when he jumped on my husband's back.

But, seriously, threesomes should not involve animals.