Sunny Piper, Girl Reporter (angriest_girl) wrote in canine_free,
Sunny Piper, Girl Reporter

Dogs kill small child. What, again?

Dad says it's no one's fault that his daughter was mauled to death by four big dogs.

Wrong, Dad. There are several people at fault here. Firstly, the babysitter, who was stupid enough to let small children go near four dogs in the first place. And secondly - you, the parents who allowed their children to be looked after by someone who had four dogs roaming their house.

I am sick to death of these things being brushed aside as a "tragic accident". Accident implies that it was not preventable, when in fact this was 100% preventable. I have zero sympathy for any of the adults in charge of this child's care - I hope they wake up screaming and crying every night for the rest of their lives. It's the very least they deserve.

I reserve all my sympathy for that poor little girl who died in unimaginable terror and pain.
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